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Pick-ze Lock Charity
Escape Room

While walking in the wood some mischievous pixies have ensnared you in their magical glen. They have given you one hour to solve their puzzles, find the reward at the end of the rainbow and escape. Will you make it in time or become trapped in the enchanted glen forever?

This is our 3rd Charity Escape Room and this time the proceeds will be split between the work at the Square and the relief effort in Ukraine (DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal).


Escape room tickets are available for Thursday and Friday evenings, Saturday (all day) and Sunday afternoons between 12th and 29th May 2022. Please click on the relevant date below to see which times are still available and to book your team in. We hope you have a great time!

Thurs 12th May (6-10pm) -

Friday 13th May (6-10pm) -

Saturday 14th May (10am–10pm) -

Sunday 15th May (1.30-10pm) -

Thursday 19th May (6-10om) -

Friday 20th May (6-10pm) -

Saturday 21st May (10am-10pm) -

Sunday 22nd May (1.30-10pm) -


Thursday 26th May (6-10pm) -

Friday 27th May (6-10pm) -

Saturday 28th May (10am-10pm) -

Sunday 29th May (1.30-10pm) -